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SFR5320WH VITA FRYER OIL FREE FRYING SYSTEM Volume 3 L Oil-Free Frying System Special Air Flow System ENJOY DELICIOUS FOOD WITH THE SENCOR SFR 5320WH HOT AIR DEEP FRYER I'm the Sencor SFR 5320WH hot air deep fryer. I make delicious fried and non-fried foods without you having to add a drop of grease. I use hot air circulation technology and prepare all meals evenly. Meals taste just like fried food, but they are a lot healthier! Your food will have much less calories and cholesterol, so you won't have to worry about your health or figure. I WORK WITH SIX PRESET PROGRAMS Enjoy maximum comfort! Through the touch LED display, you can set 6 automatic programs, a timer and the temperature in the range of 60-200 ° C. Control is completely clear and intuitive. I CAN PREPARE THE FOLLOWING WITH JUST ONE PRESS: Pre-fried fries Home-made fries Hamburgers Chicken legs Fish Muffins THANKS TO THE 3-L FRYING DISH, I CAN PREPARE UP TO 350 G OF FOOD My 3 l frying dish can hold up to 350 grams of food. I can prepare delicious dishes such as crispy French fries, home-made potatoes, cutlets, vegetables, meat, spring rolls, fish fingers, or even cakes. I have a compact design and a place can easily be found for me in every home. WITH A POWER INPUT OF 1400 WATTS, I WORK FAST My 1400 W power input ensures fast food preparation. I warm up in 3 minutes and I can prepare delicious food in 16 minutes. You can spend time with family and friends while preparing dinner. A timer will sound an alarm when the food is ready. THE AIR FILTER CAPTURES ALL ODORS Don't worry about the unpleasant smell anymore! The built-in air filter reliably eliminates any odors that usually flow from a classic deep fryer. Food does not burn or stick in the frying basket, thanks to a high quality non-stick coating that is easy to clean. MAIN BENEFITS Volume 3 L Power: 1400 W LED Display Touch Control Sensors Ready to Use in 3 Minutes 6 PRE-SET COOKING PROGRAMS Pre-Fried Fries Homemade Fries Hamburgers Chicken thighs Fish Muffins Oil Smoke Filter 60 Minute Timer with Alarm Temperature Control Range 60°C - 200°C OIL-FREE FRYING SYSTEM Healthier Alternative to Traditional Frying Methods No more Burnt Oil Less Odours Special Air Flow System Safety Lock to Prevent Accidental Remove of Basket Removable Non-Stick Frying Basket for Easy Clean up Cool to Touch Auto Shut-Off Collapsible Top Handle Detachable Power Cord

Air Fryer Digital

ZLN3604 Power: 1500W Capacity: 3.5ltrs Timer up to 30 mins Requiring little or no oil Temperature control 80-200 degrees celcius Fully automatic programs for cooking chips, chicken, meat, fish and cakes The inner basket can be washed in the dishwasher With filter for filtering smoke and smell