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Ceramic induction cooker

SCP4202GY SENCOR Induction cooker with two heating zones and independent regulation Ceramic induction hob cool to the touch (heat is generated directly in the vessel by induction) Save time (60%) and el. (50%) during cooking Minimal heat loss (more than 90% efficiency) Special ceramic surface for easy hygienic maintenance Two microprocessor controlled inductive heating cells (145 and 167 mm diameter) For 12 to 19 cm diameter dishes Automatic detection Induction cookware Large LCD display Temperature control in the range of 60 - 240 ° C in steps of 20 ° C 10 pre-set preheating stages: • small heater range 200 - 1300 W • large heater range 200 - 1600 W Timer start delay delay 1 - 180 minutes with 1-minute adjustable steps Sensor touch-sensitive control knobs Quick setting for heating, temperature and timer The ON / OFF button is used to switch the device on or to standby mode Anti-slip feet High security: • Automatic shutdown after 2 hours of inactivity • Sound signaling and switching to standby mode when the dish is removed from the heating surface During cooking • Sound signaling and switching to standby mode when using the wrong dish • Thermal protection against overheating of the hob and inside of the oven with sound signaling • Protection against excessive voltage increase or drop in the mains • Automatic error detection with an error message on the display Fan Microprocessor-controlled cooling (switches on and off automatically according to the oven temperature) Power 2900 W Feeding cable length: 1.4 m Dimensions (W x H x H ): 310 x 600 x 71 mm Weight: 4.4 kg Voltage and Frequency: 220-240 V, 50 Hz Heating surface INDUCTION Number of burners 2 Temperature control Yes Overheat protection. Yes Power 2,900 W Height 7.1 cm Width 31 cm Depth 60 cm Colour SILVER

Double Hotplate

SCP2253WH 2 hotplates with a diameter of 18.5 and 15.5 cm Continuously controlled thermostat Indicator light Protection against overheating Anti-slip feet Power input 2250W


104991 KEMPER Travel Cook Description Electric Hotplate Power: 450W Diameter: 90mm Stainless steel structure Safety thermostat compact, ideal for travelling, camping, offices and homes

Pizza Pan

ZLN7870 Power: 1500W With full glass cover Inside Diameter: 36cm; Outside Diameter: 38cm Aluminium pan with coating carbon steel base Thermostat with temperature adjustable knob

SENCOR Electric Single Hotplate

SCP1504BK 1 hotplate with a diameter of 18.5 cm Continuously controlled thermostat Indicator light Protection against overheating Anti-slip feet Power input 1500W

Tabletop Electric Grill

73.49 67.00
SBG107WH SENCOR Ideal for year-round grilling both indoors and in the garden Light and portable Meets healthy grilling requirements (option to grill without adding oil) Combination of 2 different grilling surfaces: • flat (for grilling vegetables, eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, pancakes, etc.) • ribbed (for grilling steaks, fish, smoked goods, etc.) Large grilling area (47 x 31 cm) Grilling surface ceramic finish, resistant to scratching Easy to clean by simply wiping with a paper towel or damp cloth Removable oil drip tray (350 ml capacity) Variable temperature control Automatic temperature control with indicator light (100 – 220 °C) Keep Warm function (60 °C) Heat insulated handle on both sides for easy carrying Anti-slip feet Easy storage (power cord with thermostat can be disconnected) Overheating protection (thermal fuse) Power input 2300 W Length of the power cord: 1.0 m Dimensions without the thermostat (width x depth x height): 596 x 344 x 74 mm Dimensions with the thermostat (width x depth x height): 654 x 344 x 83 mm Weight: 3.1 kg Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50 Hz