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Convection Oven Cooker S/STEEL BOWL

ROH02 SIZE: 36 x 36 x 36 cm roast, bake, fry, steam, grill and more heats up & cooks food quickly cooking time is 3 - 5 times faster cooking without fats or oil reduces cholesterol easy operation: time and temperature control hot air is fan-circulated to cook food evenly power: 1300 W 1 Year Guarantee

Egg Boiler

SEG720BS Sencor Egg Boiler (Up to 7 Eggs, 3 Cooking Levels) [Energy Class A] Capacity for up to 7 eggs 3 Cooking levels: Soft, Medium or Hard Egg Removable tray for eggs to serve them easily Thanks to its ergonomic design and the removable tray for eggs, the device is easy to clean Built-in electronic timer with a beep


AD4474 if you like hot meals but do not have the time to eat them straight away? You want to take your lunch to work? Or maybe you are going on a trip and will not have a possibility to have lunch on your way? Two Chamber Removable inner container Security seals Heats meals fast and with ease Foldable handle Capacity: 1.1 L Spoon attached Heats and keeps meals hot up to 50c°

Electric Oven 12 L

MS6004 High-quality electric oven with a grill rack and a baking tray. It allows to prepare roasted meat, bake cakes and other dishes that require high temperatures. The oven allows you to choose the heating mode: from the bottom, from the top or at the same time from the bottom and from the top. Thanks to a timer the user is informed when a certain time passes. Therefore it is much less probable that you would burn your dish. Easy way of cleaning - opening the bottom of the oven. Capacity 12L Build timer Power 1000W Removable crumb tray 2 Effective quartz heaters 3 heating modes: heated bottom heated top heated both top and bottom external dimensions: 37.5 x 21 x 31 (cm) internal dimensions: 26.9 X 25.8 X 16.8 (cm)

Electric Oven (Sultan)

ZLN2300 35 lt internal volume Ability to use Cr-Ni resistances together or separately Adjustable thermostat Heat resistant glass Adjustable rack feature Underside cover Timer with bell Chrome plated grill 1 enamel square tray Power: 1200 Watt L54x W33 x D40

Food Dehydrator

ZLN9645 5 layers dehydrating trays for driying different types of foods Adjustable Thermostat for Precise Drying Between 35°С and 70°С Easy to Use and Clean Power:245 Watt

FOOD DEHYDRATOR temperature control 40-70°C

SFD4235WH Backlit LED display Diameter of drying tray 32mm Electronic temperature control 40-70°C enables retention of as many natural compounds as possible Electronic shut off timer


SFD750WH 5 drying racks as standard Diameter of the drying rack 23cm Available height per level 2.5cm I OFFER SUPER QUALITY DRIED FOODS I am the Sencor Food Dryer which will provide you with super quality dried foods which stores do not offer for a reasonable price. Try out some dried treats that you haven't tasted yet or dry your successful harvest and many other goodies which come to mind. You don't have to worry anymore about eating dried products with dyes, preservatives and excess sugar and salt! Home made products will always be to your liking, full of vitamins, minerals and fiber! I CAN DRY ALL GOODIES Believe me, you won't know what to dry or taste first! Our market offers a tremendous amount of products and recipes that can be used for drying. Mix your favorite fruit, which can be forest fruit, tropical fruit or any seasonal fruit and add your favorite fragrant spice to it. I can also dry all kinds of vegetables for home flavorings while meat lovers will also be intrigued, as I can dry it in a delicate flavor. Listen to your ideas and taste buds and go ahead and use me to dry a full pantry of dried delicacies. Dried meat Any kind of fruit Vegetables and mushrooms Herbs and flowers Nuts and seeds I DRY FOOD PRODUCTS EVENLY I have a built-in fan in the middle of my body to generate hot air in the upward and sideways direction to dry all food products evenly. All you need to do is cut up the selected goodies, lay them on the screens from one to five floors and press the power button! It's a very easy process that doesn’t take long at all. I offer 5 screens with a special grid construction with a 23 cm diameter in the package. The screens can be set to a drying height of up to 3 cm, depending on the selected food products. PERFECTLY QUIET AND ECONOMICAL only have 20 dB (A)? That is an extremely low noise level that will not interfere with any household activity, even if continuously work for several hours. You do not have to worry about high electricity consumption as power consumption is an economical 230-250 W. THE FOOD DEHYDRATOR IS SUITABLE FOR PREPARING: - dried fruit (pears, plums, apricots, bananas, etc.) - raisins - dried vegetables for soups - dried tomatoes - dried herbs - herb teas (mint, linden blossom, chamomile, etc.) - dried mushrooms for soups and other meals - dried oranges for decoration - dried pumpkin seeds - dried petals for potpourri - dried meat - dried fish

Pizza Pan

ZLN7870 Power: 1500W With full glass cover Inside Diameter: 36cm; Outside Diameter: 38cm Aluminium pan with coating carbon steel base Thermostat with temperature adjustable knob


SRM 1500WH Fully automated operation Appropriate for cooking all types of rice including rice for Sushi Automatic shut off when cooking is finished, it then switches to the "Keep Warm" function Special pot for cooking rice It works on a steam cooking principle Volume 1.5 l (for cooking 1200 g of rice) Fully automated operation Appropriate for cooking all types of rice including rice for Sushi Glass lid with an opening for the release of excess steam Practical handles on both sides Anti-slip feet Triple safety system: Supplied accessories: special spatulas for rice, rice and water measuring cup Power input 500 W Dimensions (width x depth x height): 302 x 260 x 245 mm Weight: 1.75 kg Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Slow Cooker 6 Ltr

SPR5500SS Cooking bowl 6 liter capacity to satisfy the appetite of the whole family Non-stick technology with PFOA-free coating Wall in 3 mm thick aluminum Can be stored in the refrigerator Dishwasher safe 5 default cooking settings to preserve the fragrance and caramelize the ingredients Delicate at 100 ° C Low at 120 ° C Average at 150 ° C Browning at 170 ° C Blanching at 180 ° C 4 predefined cooking functions Slow cooking over low heat: 6-14 hours Slow cooking over high heat: 2-8 hours Steam: 5-120 minutes Yogurt: 6-12 hours The Set & Forget timer allows you to set the cooking temperature and time, for maximum convenience Digital LED display for easy cooking The double lid closure system preserves all the fragrance of the ingredients and helps to keep the temperature constant inside the cooking vessel Keep Warm function to automatically keep the food at the end of cooking at the ideal temperature Large stainless steel steamer for steaming fish, ravioli or vegetables The steamer is made of high quality stainless steel 304 for maximum strength and rust resistance The athermic handles avoid accidental burns and allow you to handle the still hot pan without using protective gloves Lid made of tempered glass for long life The perfect closure of the lid helps to keep the temperature constant The elegant stainless steel design fits into any kitchen Ideal for cooking soups, goulash, jams, lamb, stew, beef, vegetables, eggs, etc. Slow cooking is the new way of cooking that preserves all the fragrance do not use oil save time and money steam, brown, fry and prepare excellent stews allows you to prepare delicious dishes even with the cheapest cuts of meat avoid burning the food because it does not require high cooking temperatures reduces water consumption thanks to cooking in a single pot 7 reasons to choose slow cooking Simplicity - just put all the ingredients in the Slow Cooker and let it do all the work. Energy and water savings - thanks to the special structure and the aluminum container, heat transfer is more effective than traditional ceramic pots, guaranteeing consistent energy savings Save time - once you put all the ingredients in the bowl, the Slow Cooker does it all by itself Preserved fragrance and no loss of vitamins - thanks to the slow cooking at low temperature, fragrance and vitamins are better preserved than in traditional cooking Juicy meat - slow cooking preserves the juices inside the meat rather than outside Possibility to cook harder meats - slow cooking makes even the toughest cuts of meat delicious Fat-free cooking - thanks to low temperatures it is not necessary to add oil, therefore the dishes are even lighter and tastier Package Contents: Slow Cooker with 3 mm thick aluminum container, stainless steel steam cooker Power: 1,350 W