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Contact grill Hausberg

11958 Contact grill The body is made of plastic Provides a quick, healthy meal of meat, fish and panini The different positions allow it to be used as a grill, a contact grill and a tray Power: 750 W Grill with 2 plates with non-stick coating 2 indicator lamps Anti-slip feet

Sandwich Maker

ZLN8143 Heat resistant exterior coating Stainles steel body Led warning indicators Over heat protection Thermostat control Easy grip handle and lid clips Non stick interior surface Easy to use and clean Stand upright for compact storage and space saving Power: 750 Watt

Sandwich Maker 4 TSlices

MS3032 Mesko Black Sandwich Maker 4 Triangle Slices- 850w

Sandwich Maker Red

SSM4221RD Stainless steel design Prepare 2 square-shaped sandwiches Automatic temperature control Easy to clean baking surfaces Non-stick surface treatment of baking surfaces Heat insulated handle and body Power indicator - red indicator light Ready to bake indicator - green indicator light Option to store in a vertical position Anti-slip feet Safety thermal fuse Length of the power cord 85 cm Rated power 700W Dimensions (length x depth x height): 235 x 222 x 90 mm Weight: 1.2kg Voltage and frequency: 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Sandwich maker Stainless steel

SSM4220SS Stainless steel design To prepare 2 square sandwich Automatic temperature control Anti-stick baking plates easy to clean Thermally insulated handles and body Operation indicator with red light Burning indicator with green light Vertical storage capability Non-slip feet Thermal safety Cable length 85 cm Rated power: 700 W Dimensions (length x depth x height): 235 x 222 x 90 mm Weight: 1.2kg Voltage and frequency: 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Sandwich maker X4

SSM8700WH Automatic temperature control Easy-cleaning baking trays Coatings of hard coats Made of 8 triangular sandwiches Automatic temperature control Easy- cleaning baking trays Coated surfaces with hard-to-reach coating Device handles and heat-insulated housing Power connection indicator - red control lamp Cooking mode indicator - green control lamp Storage options in vertical position Non-slip feet Safety control thermostat Mains lead length : 75 cm Power: 1100 W Dimensions (L x W x H): 268 x 319 x 106 mm Weight: 1.96 kg Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz