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Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

SVC45WH High Efficiency 1200W Motor Energy consumption class: D Carpet cleaning performance class: F Hard floor cleaning performance class: B Dust re-emission class: E Noise level: 82dB Plastic tube Thermostat preventing the motor from overheating 5 level filtration system Parking position for floor nozzle Length of power cord 5m (effective radius 7.5m) Rubber coated wheels for easier movement and protection of floating floors Automatic cord winding Full dust bag indicator Universal floor nozzle with an extensible brush Supplied accessories: combination nozzle (brush + slot), paper bag Volume of dust bag: 1.5 l Dimensions (length × width × height): 345 × 255 × 210mm Weight: 3.6kg




SVC190B CORDLESS HAND-HELD VACUUM CLEANER Up to 15 minutes of operation without charging Washable permanent filter Battery charge indicator

Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner

FDU2002-E Intake of Ash up to 40 °C Metal Bin 20 L Aluminium Tube HEPA filter he multi-purpose vacuum cleaner for dry vacuuming with a power of 1,200 W is equipped with a HEPA filter and a protective basket against the blockage by larger objects. The protective basket as well as the HEPA filter are easily removable without using any tool. The 20-litre chrome container on castors can hold a sufficient amount of the vacuumed material. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a metal hose with an aluminium attachment, primarily intended for vacuuming ashes. It is also equipped with a plastic hose, plastic tubes, a floor extension, a flattened head and a round brush for cleaning the garage, workshop or car.


SSC3001YL Removes up to 99% of standard bacteria Removes stains, lime scale deposits, grease, etc. Particularly suitable for cleaning hard surfaces (tiles, cooktops, glass...) Removes up to 99% of standard bacteria Very storable thanks to its compact design and removable attachments Removes stains, lime scale deposits, grease, etc. Entirely ecological product, does not require any chemical agents Water heats up in 2.5 minutes ensuring a very quick start Easy and comfortable to use Child lock prevents accidental or not permitted operation Safety valve protects against scalding by the steam Aluminium boiler for minimal total weight Funnel and measuring jug for easy refilling of water Power indicator light Wide range of accessories: - Basic straight nozzle - Bent nozzle - Flexible hose - Mini mop head with cover cloth - Round window/mirror cleaning brush Application: - Floors - Fittings - Wash basins - Tiles - Windows - Mirrors - Range hoods - Cooktops - Ovens - Grills - Grilling utensils - Clothing - Upholstery - Car interiors - Toys Power input: 1000 W Voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz Maximum pressure: 3 bar Tank capacity: 350 ml Power cord length: 4 m Weight: 1 kg

Vacuum Cleaner

ZLN8471 Two plastic telescopic tube Speed fixed easy to start Metal brush with 2small wheels suitable for both carpet and floor Dust capacity: 2 LT Practical handle to easy carry the machine Dust full indicator 5 MT cable with Automatic cord rewinder Pedal on/off switch easy to start or turn off machine 360° rotating wheel Power: 1200 Watt

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

SVC4552 Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 10 bags + 2 microfilters + 5 aromatic sticks with lemon fragrance, for vacuum cleaners SVC 45RD, SVC 45WH, SVC 45BK, SVC 45BL, SVC 45GR, SVC 52BK, SVC 52GR, and SVC 52WH

Vacuum Cleaner Cyclon Bagless

SVC511TQ High Efficiency 890W ECO Motor Energy consumption class: B Carpet cleaning performance class: D Hard floor cleaning performance class: A Dust re-emission class: D Noise level: 76dB New 4th Generation Cyclone system perfectly separates dust from the air, capturing more dust already at the 1st level of filtration, thereby saving the H.E.P.A. filter 4th Generation Cyclone System eliminates the need for an outflow H.E.P.A. filter 2-part plastic tube Washable outflow H.E.P.A. filter (class H10) Washable inflow micro-filter Washable outflow micro-filter 5-level filtration system 2 parking positions for the floor nozzle Radius of operation 7.5 m (length of power cord 5 m) Automatic cord winding Washable dust container Electronic regulation of suction power Safety Valve function (additional on-motor suction prevents the motor from overheating) Universal floor nozzle with an extendible brush Supplied accessories: Slot nozzle, upholstery nozzle, brush nozzle Volume of dust container: 1.5 l Dimensions (length x width x height): 330 x 277 x 225 mm Weight: 3.5 kg

Vacuum Cleaner Wet-dry

ZLN8945 »Filtering with umbrella system »Wet-dry sweeping »Air cleaning / blowing feature »2300mmSS (196 mbar) suction power »Air Fever 45 Lt / sec »Paper bag 8 Lt. Dust capacity »Long-life, self-cooled motor »Shrink-resistant housing »Wheels that can turn 360 degrees »Hose, radiator suction nozzle, rectangular suction nozzle, Extension pipe, paper bag, extension pipe accessory »Parents and asthma patients prefer »220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 2000 W