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Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

SVC45WH High Efficiency 1200W Motor Energy consumption class: D Carpet cleaning performance class: F Hard floor cleaning performance class: B Dust re-emission class: E Noise level: 82dB Plastic tube Thermostat preventing the motor from overheating 5 level filtration system Parking position for floor nozzle Length of power cord 5m (effective radius 7.5m) Rubber coated wheels for easier movement and protection of floating floors Automatic cord winding Full dust bag indicator Universal floor nozzle with an extensible brush Supplied accessories: combination nozzle (brush + slot), paper bag Volume of dust bag: 1.5 l Dimensions (length × width × height): 345 × 255 × 210mm Weight: 3.6kg

Bagless & Bagged Vacuum Cleaner (2 in 1)

SVC900GEMINO Telescopic stainless steel pipe at an extended length Suction power 320 W 6-level filtration system Max. power input 2000 W Nominal power input 1800 W Suction power 320 W Noise level: 80 dB Variable system 2 in 1 (can be used as a bagless or bagged vacuum cleaner) Extended length stainless steel telescopic tube (90 cm) Washable inflow and outflow H.E.P.A. filter Thermostat that prevents the motor from overheating Rubber coated wheels for easier handling Rubber coated front wheel for easier handling Cyclone System for perfect separation of dust from air 6-step filtration system (bagged operating configuration) 2 docking positions for the floor nozzle Length of power cord 5 m (Radius of operation 7.5 m) Automatic cord winding Washable dust container Electronically controlled suction power Universal floor nozzle with an extensible brush and a steel underside surface Supplied accessories: combination nozzle (brush nozzle for upholstery + slot nozzle), textile bag Volume of dust container: 3 l Volume of dust bag: 4.5 l Dimensions (length x width x height): 420 x 350 x 250 mm Weight: 5.6 kg




SVC190B CORDLESS HAND-HELD VACUUM CLEANER Up to 15 minutes of operation without charging Washable permanent filter Battery charge indicator

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Sencor

SVC8618GD 2-in-1 cordless upright vacuum cleaner with a removable hand unit Removable hand unit for comfortable removal of dirt and dust from furniture, tables or car cleaning. Nozzle with LED lighting easily exposes even the finest dust Excellent control and easy maneuverability around furniture thanks to a 180° radius swivel vacuum nozzle 2-speed operation: high power, extended vacuuming time Supplied accessories: crevice nozzle and dusting brush Battery type: Li-Ion 2,000mAh Supply voltage: 18V Power input: Aku Lighting of the vacuumed surface: + Dust container volume: 0,5 L HEPA filter: + Noise level, dB: 78 dB Charging indicator light: + Charging time, h: 4 h Max time of operation per charge, min: 45 min Weight, kg: 2,3 kg Color: Gold


SRV4250SL The Sencor SRV 4250SL robot vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for cleaning carpets, wooden floors, parquet, linoleum and floor tiles. It makes cleaning quick and easy, you can even start it from your workplace via Wifi. It is also possible to set a timer cleaning. It is equipped with two edge rotating brushes, so it also cleans the corners perfectly. Combines 4 different programs for maximum efficiency - Random Motion / Circular Motion / Wall Cleaning / Spot -. Thanks to the built-in adjustable sensors, it is easy to prevent falls from the stairs. It automatically shuts itself off if the wheel jams. It is powered by a 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery that allows the vacuum cleaner to run for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. When the battery is low, the device automatically returns to the charger. Two rotary brushes and center vacuum cleaner - High-performance central vacuum cleaner, combined with a rotating brush, also ideal for vacuuming carpets and hard floors - Extreme rotating brushes, even in corners, ensure perfect cleaning Lots of sensors - Collision protection sensor for detecting obstacles - Stair sensor, the device can be used safely near stairs - Sensor for precise navigation and automatic return to the docking station Mop function - Wet floor wiping - Water tank and wiper accessory included - The water is supplied by an electric pump 4 cleaning programs for maximum floor cleaning - Along the Wall - Spot (cleaning of a small area up to 2 m2) - Random (random direction of movement) - Linear (zigzag) Programmable cleaning (automatic cleaning on a specific day, hour, minute): - once a week, on a specific day - several times a week, on specific days - only on working days - Only on weekends Other features: - Operation with one charge approx. 120 min - Remote operation with remote control - Remote operation via Wi-Fi - Charger, wall or furniture mountable - When the cleaning program is completed, the appliance automatically returns to the charger - When the battery is low, the device automatically returns to the charger - Switches off automatically when the wheels are locked - It also passes through a threshold 1.5 cm high - Automatic self-diagnosis, display of warning messages on the remote control - LED indicators on the vacuum cleaner housing (standby mode, charging, charged status) - 2 dust containers - Container for dry vacuuming only, 475 ml powder - Combined container with 240 ml powder and 230 ml water - Supply voltage: Li-ion 2600 mAh - Power: 40 W - Suction power: 20 W - Combined powder container capacity: 475 ml - Noise level: 60 dB - Charging time: approx. 5 hours - Operating time: up to 120 minutes - Size: 335 x 335 x 79 mm - Weight: 2.5 kg

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

SVC7612VT Upright Vacuum Cleaner - 2-in-1, animal hair, For upholstery, charging time: 5,88 hr(s), battery type: Ni-Mh, power input: 70W, operating time: 19,61 min, noise level: 75 dB, container capacity: 0,5l, upholstery brush and charging station, white and pink colour

Vacuum Cleaner

ZLN8471 Two plastic telescopic tube Speed fixed easy to start Metal brush with 2small wheels suitable for both carpet and floor Dust capacity: 2 LT Practical handle to easy carry the machine Dust full indicator 5 MT cable with Automatic cord rewinder Pedal on/off switch easy to start or turn off machine 360° rotating wheel Power: 1200 Watt

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

SVC4552 Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 10 bags + 2 microfilters + 5 aromatic sticks with lemon fragrance, for vacuum cleaners SVC 45RD, SVC 45WH, SVC 45BK, SVC 45BL, SVC 45GR, SVC 52BK, SVC 52GR, and SVC 52WH

Vacuum Cleaner Bags X5

BAG170 Daewoo VCB300 Type Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags for RC300 RC310 RC320 RC350 RC370 RC700 - BAG170 Also suitable for select models of Armstrad, Daewoo, Menalux and many more brands of vacuum cleaners. Paper dust bags with cardboard collar for extra strength. Each Pack contains 5 x Paper Dust Bags.

Vacuum Cleaner Wet-dry

ZLN8945 »Filtering with umbrella system »Wet-dry sweeping »Air cleaning / blowing feature »2300mmSS (196 mbar) suction power »Air Fever 45 Lt / sec »Paper bag 8 Lt. Dust capacity »Long-life, self-cooled motor »Shrink-resistant housing »Wheels that can turn 360 degrees »Hose, radiator suction nozzle, rectangular suction nozzle, Extension pipe, paper bag, extension pipe accessory »Parents and asthma patients prefer »220-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 2000 W

Wet&Dry Vacuum Cleaner

FDU 201450-E Power: 1400W Metal Bin: 50L Strong Cotton Filter Plastic Hose: 3m This one thousand and four hundred watt wet or dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with a cotton filter made from solid fibres that will capture even the finest dust particles. The removal of the cotton filter is intuitive requiring no tools. Simply undo two buckles and take the motor off. The fifty-litre chrome-plated container fitted with a wheeled base has room for enough vacuumed material including water. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a three-metre plastic hose and accessories ensuring comfortable reach when cleaning up the yard, garage, workshop or car. The electrical power socket can be used when working in the workshop for powering various grinders or saws, but also for high pressure washers for cleaning outdoor paved areas and terraces. The advantage of this power socket is that the vacuum cleaner starts when the connected power tool is switched on, removing the hassle with two switches.