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6 Stage RO Complete set filter

AFRO6PRL 6 Stage  Reverse Osmosis System Complete set of replacement filter cartridges (Stage 1) 5/10 Micron Sediment Filter (Stage 2) Activated Carbon Filter (Stage 3) Carbon Block Filter (Stage 4) Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Stage 5) Post healthy Carbon filter: (Stage 6) Alkaline/Minerals cartridge: For pure and healthy Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System DELIVERY ONLY

RO Water Booster Pump

1.2766 RO adjustable booster pump is designed for residential reverse osmosis system. 2.It is capable of continuous duty and is effective for pressure rising and liquid transfer. 3.Input Volt:24VDC 4.Working Pressure:80PSI 5.Pressure Bypass:≥125PIS 6.Flow at 80PSI:≥0.8LPM 7.Current at 80PSI:0.85AMP±0.1

Set of 2 Filter Cartridge

2WFR Set of 2 filter replacements STAGE 5: Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter Replacement Cartridge STAGE 6: Alkaline/Minerals Water Filter Replacement Cartridge for pure and healthy Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System

Set of 3 Filter Cartridge

3WFR Set of 3 filter replacements 10" STAGE 1: Polypropylene foam filter cartridge removes sand, rust, silt and other sediments up to 5 Micron STAGE 2: Filter cartridge with activated coconut shell carbon, removes chlorine and organic compounds STAGE 3: Activated carbon block The carbon is formed in specially pressured, high density blocks to gain high adsorption rate of chlorine, other chemicals and multi-particle organic substances.

Stretch Film Roll

Pvc Stretch Film Roll Film 50cm X 300met

Tank for RO System 3.2G

water storage pressure tank for RO system Product name 3.2G Water Plastic Storage Pressure Tank Materail Plastic , rubber , brass Function Storage water tank Port Size 1/4" Capacity 3.2G Usage Storage for RO system Special Features Safe ,durable , long service life